IASJ Meeting

About Krakow

Over one hundred and twenty students, teachers and representatives from thirty six schools of jazz from more that twenty five countries participated in the 15th IASJ Jazz Meeting 2005 which took place from 3 to 9 July in Kraków, Poland. Participants attended lectures, master classes and concerts, engaged in ongoing dialogues and discussions. Almost every night two jam sessions took place in jazz clubs in the old center of Kraków. Students formed seven international combos and rehearsed every day under the watchful eyes of patient and passionate teachers.
An original element of the Kraków Meeting were concerts and lectures featuring legendary Polish jazz artists, who have sought inspiration in Polish national and ethnic music: Zbigniew Namyslowski - Polish Folklore in Jazz, Cracow Klezmer Band - Klezmer music in Europe and the world, Andrzej Jagodzinski - Chopin and jazz.
Announced as the International Jazz Masters, the teachers' concert was a truly unforgettable event, featuring such guests as David Liebman and Jarek Smietana.
During the two last nights students combos performed in Radio Kraków with a program prepared diligently during the meeting week. Most of the music played consisted of original compositions of the students from various countries of the world. These young jazz musicians' high level of workmanship and their creativity were enthusiastically applauded by the audience and journalists. The success of these concerts proves that jazz can be an efficient and enjoyable means of communication between people. These concerts were recorded and issued on 2 CD Album.